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Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Avasant is a top management consulting firm servicing global blue chip clients in the public and private sectors. Our talented team of consultants, lawyers and technologists average over 20 years of industry experience, and have conducted more than 1,000 engagements in over 40 countries worldwide. Avasant drives customer value through the use of our proprietary consulting and advisory methods, which have been refined over decades of real-world transaction and engagement experience. Our talented team and world-class resources allows Avasant to yield superior business outcomes in three primary domains: Strategic Sourcing, IT and Business Transformation  and Globalization Advisory.

  • Strategic Sourcing: Our market-tested sourcing advisory services lead Global 2000 public sector and non-profit organizations through the complex web of managed services transactions and improved shared services management. The primary objectives of these engagements are to drive down costs, improve service levels, and improve operational efficiency. 
  • IT & Business Transformation: For government and corporations alike, Avasant drives IT and business transformation to the enterprise by aligning our client's technology and operations strategies. Our professionals endeavor to improve client technological capacities while cultivating operational efficiency, effective service delivery and optimal cost savings.
  • Globalization Advisory: The leaders of emerging countries and world aid organizations turn to Avasant to create both BPO and ITES opportunities in new and developing economies. In this pursuit, Avasant supports these economic development objectives by drafting policies for job growth, driving new merger and acquisition activity, designing skill requirements for the local labor force, defining public-private partnership initiatives, recommending infrastructure development and connecting global partners to opportunities.

The name, Avasant, was born from merging the Latin word "ava" meaning "advisor" and the Sanskrit word "sant" meaning "wise"; thus meaning wise advisor.

Avasant has received several recognitions as a leading globalization, sourcing and IT strategy firm. The International Association of Outsourcers (IAOP) named Avasant among the "World Best Outsourcing Advisors". Avasant has also been honored as the Black Book of Outsourcing's "Number 1 BPO Advisor" and "Top 10 Full Service Advisors."

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